Sell Your Land Without Fees. Get Fair Cash. And Help Our Veterans.

Get a fair no-obligation offer within 24 hours PLUS our valuable eBook, an interview with a Land Expert, a $200 Amazon gift card, and closing with a title company or mobile notary!

You will receive a quick cash offer for your unwanted land plus you’ll get a helpful eBook, an expert interview, an Amazon gift card, and we close safely and securely.

The Fastest Way To Sell Your Land For Fair Cash

Fair Offer Within 24 Hours

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How To Avoid A Land Selling Nightmare?

It’s easier than you might think to sell your vacant land quickly for a fair price, without any commissions, fees, agents, hassles, or wasted time. Having a reliable partner is crucial to success. The majority of landowners struggle because they don’t know the best strategy for doing so and learn only via trial and error.

It’s important to find a partner who will act in your best interest. A friend or family member who is a realtor may seem like the “simple” choice. But… consider whether or not they are the greatest choice for your land and circumstances before committing to them. The key is to work with someone who can remain objective and unbiased.

The TOP Three Reasons To Sell Your Land

Many landowners are asking “Should I sell my land?” because they’re not sure what to do with their land. Are you one of them? If yes, you probably are in one of the top three situations to sell your land:

1. You Prefer The Cash

You want to liquidate the asset because you need your money fast to pay for an unexpected event like medical bills, debts, or simply want to buy something you desire.

2. You Want To Stop The Expenses

Owning vacant land costs a lot without getting anything in return. You need to pay taxes, liability insurance, upkeep, maintenance, etc.

3. You Are An Out-of-state Owner

You either inherited the land that’s in another state or simply live far away from your land and you don’t want land as a burden. Cash is a better option.

Selling Land Brings You Closer To Your Goals

Land Expenses - Gone!

No more costs, taxes, liability insurance, upkeep, maintenance, or any other related expenses.

More Money

You will be able to take debts or medical bills off your shoulders or buy something you want.

More Opportunities

You can enjoy a better retirement with more money or invest the cash in a better way with higher returns.

More Freedom

You’ll get peace of mind and stop the endless thinking about what to do with your vacant land.

Do You Prefer Cash Or Vacant Land?

When owning land stops making you feel good, it becomes a source of stress. You are likely to finally say “enough is enough” if the situation starts causing you more anxiety and financial burden than freedom. Do you want us to ease your situation?

Our sellers are in a situation where they are open to letting the land go because they can use the cash. Usually, older folks who have owned the property a very long time and plans either changed or one spouse has now passed and the other has no interest. Request you no-obligation today.

You will receive a quick cash offer for your unwanted land plus you’ll get a helpful eBook, an expert interview, an Amazon gift card, and we close safely and securely.

Can You Sell Your Land Some Other Way? Yes, But…

  • You need to spend countless times contacting people and showing them land.
  • You need to market your property correctly and know how to negotiate.
  • You need to make sure you close legally and do all the paperwork.
  • You need to pay for marketing to reach out to people to sell vacant land.
  • You will have to wait for months or even years for any potential buyers.
  • Be prepared to pay a commission that will eat a part of your profits.
  • You need to spend money to improve the land to make it attractive.
  • Realtors can’t help with land issues like back taxes, liens, and probates.

You Will Help Our Veterans If You Sell Your Land To Us

Countless brave men and women who served in recent military conflicts were injured in service or left with lasting invisible wounds, including depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, and debilitating brain trauma.

The numbers speak for themselves because not every warrior can. With the support of our community of donors and team members, we give a voice to those needs and empower our warriors to begin the journey to recovery.

From every successful land purchase, we are donating to the Wounded Warrior Project. Give to those who gave us so much.

From every successful land purchase, we are donating to the Wounded Warrior Project. Give to those who gave us so much.

How The Journey Of Apex Land Started

Hi, my name is Paul, a former Air Force member. I was recognized for Committed Service, awarded a 1ST ID Combat Patch, and an Army Commendation Medal. I created my Veteran owned family construction business years ago and did government contracting as an SDVOSB enterprise. Numerous contracts were awarded to our firm. See more about us at Weld Life LLC DBA Apex Contracting Group.

My passion for helping veteran landowners is also part of my land business, working to help them sell veteran land or to help them buy veteran land to build their freedom lifestyle. If you are a veteran land seller, you’re welcome here.

You will receive a quick cash offer for your unwanted land plus you’ll get a helpful eBook, an expert interview, an Amazon gift card, and we close safely and securely.

Why Apex Land Helps Landowners Sell Land?

I realized that a lot of fellow veterans wanted to move out to the country off grid and live a life of peace and quiet out of the everyday rat race lifestyle. Noticing this trend with doomsday preppers and the Covid pandemic also driving people out of the city and into an RV lifestyle I decided to pivot my business strategies to buying and selling raw land.

We help landowners who neither want nor need their land to sell it for the highest amount of cash without fees, commissions, stress, or hassles with realtors fast. We’re here to save you time, money, and heartache.

It’s Very Easy To Sell Your Land To Us


Request your offer, so we can do the full research and send you an offer.


You will receive an agreement to sign and send it back to us.


We will open escrow with a title company that will manage it all. We pay for the title insurance.


Sign closing documents and get paid however you want. We cover all closing costs.

Landowners Love To Work With Us Because Of These Benefits

You Can Depend On All Bulletproof Guarantees

Claim Your FREE Land-Selling Bonuses!

An eBook: Unlock The Cash Stuck In Your Vacant Land (And Use Its Full Potential!)

This eBook uncovers how to assess land before going off-grid and how to use the land to go off-grid. How does selling your land improve your finances? The pain of dealing with inherited land. Get all your answers by reading this eBook!

A Land Expert Interview: “Solving Land Challenges Together Head On!”

Interview with Paul Karsko, a Veteran and founder of Apex Land about how he helps vacant landowners, especially when they have been unable to sell their property. You’ll also learn more about typical land problems and how to solve them. And so much more.

A Mobile Notary + Closing With A Professional Title Company!

At closing, we will arrange an e-notary or mobile notary completely FREE of charge to complete the transaction, so you don’t even have to leave the comfort of your own home. We will use professional and reliable Title Companies and escrow to ensure a safe and secure closing process. All legal paperwork and the fees to cover closing and document filing are covered by us. Costs you nothing to close!

$200 Amazon Gift Card

You’ll get a gift card after a successful closing, as a thank-you gift.

What Do Our Sellers Say About Us?

Landowners Ask And We Answer

We make the transaction easy and very transparent. We will send you a purchase agreement for the agreed-upon price. We then conduct deeper due diligence and put the property into escrow. All funds handled for the property will be done with a reputable Title Company or Attorney. Title reviews, closing document preparation, all paperwork is done by our team and is provided to you prior to closing.

We spend time conducting deep due diligence on the property. This involves conducting title and lien searches, ensuring title insurance can be issued, and fixing any potential issues that may impede the use of the property. But we usually close much sooner than expected. We also work with Title Companies who perform the closing process and there can be delays here, depending on how busy the title companies are at that time.

Once we go through all of the research, we are then able to safely close on the conditions that we promised in the contract. The closing agent will issue all closing documents to you for review and once approved, they will arrange a date and time that suits all parties to close for you. This can be done either in person or via a Mobile Notary, whichever you choose.

Once the notarized documents are received by the closing agent and they are recorded, the closing agent will arrange a check or wire transfer to you, whichever you choose. This typically happens within a few days after the Mobile Notary has been to visit and has signed the documents with you.

If you requested an offer on this site, the purchase agreement we sent is the actual contract that we can use to buy your property. If you received this contract, either sign and send it back to us in the mail or let us know you want E-signature service via SignNow to be sent and we’ll send it over that way. This is always a no-obligation offer so if you don’t like our offer, simply throw away the contract or let us know you want to be taken off our mailing list.

We assess all properties based on attributes. Some of the properties have issues that need fixing and we ensure these issues are fixed for you prior to closing. Also, we look at the fair market value for the property and what it takes to make the property usable. This may impact what the real value is, versus other properties in the area that may already be cleared and ready to build on and have access. As property investors and buyers, we also do all of the hard work for you: due diligence, fixing any issues to ensure it can be used, and liaising with all title companies and attorneys to have any issues fixed. We approach this with the mindset that everyone wins: you, the end-user of the land, and us, the investor.

YES! I Am Ready To Sell My Land

Fast Without Fees And Help Wounded Veterans

You will receive a quick cash offer for your land plus you’ll get a helpful land selling eBook and an expert land buyer interview.

You’re just one step away from being the next happy land seller. Our no-obligation cash offer will give you all the data and information so you can make a fully informed decision. If you are a veteran land seller, you’re welcome here - you can buy veteran land or sell veteran land here with ease.

P.S.: This is for you ONLY if you really want to sell your land quickly without any fees or stress, for a fair cash price.

P.P.S.: Our spots are limited because we can only work with a few landowners every month. If you want to avoid disappointment, click above to get your premium extras along with an offer for your vacant land right away!